Digital marketing, branding.

IBA is a new approach of mentoring and advocacy professionals based on the findings of the positive psychology and empirical research. The founder has approached me to build and manage IBA’s brand online. As it was a new brand to see the day, the founder wanted an online presence and graphic identity that cast professionalism and confidence to the main audience and, at the same time, matches the core values of the approach.

My mission

Business strategy, Web design, Graphic design.

The first phase of the challenge was to elaborate a digital strategy that includes a business and audience analysis, in additions to decisions regarding the branding and digital marketing. This document was the basis on which all the branding and communication efforts are built up.

The second phase of the challenge includes the production of : the visual identity and the style guide of IBA, design and development of the responsive website, setting up social accounts and designing other graphical assets.

Digital strategy

The strategy elaboration started with, first, understanding the business idea, mission, value proposition and goals, moving to the audience analysis and finally, a market research to understand the offer of the competition.

Based on my research and insights I elaborated a digital strategy. the document includes business and marketing goals, target personas and the communication mediums best suited to the audience and the resources available.

Visual Identity

The visual identity was inspired by the concept of the approach and the values it holds (engineering and happiness), the identity includes the logo, color palette, graphic elements, typography, photography and general design guidelines.

Online presence

The online presence consists of 3 platforms that we found best suited to the audience and marketing team: the corporate website, and 2 social networks, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Graphic design and other assets