Green touch

School assignment, 2nd year of ENCGF.
NGO management, Project management.

In the 2nd year of ENCG we had a subject about social action, the purpose of it is creating and running an NGO during the semester. Our team founded Green touch, an environmental NGO. Its main mission is to organize events and work on projects aiming at raising awareness of the population towards environmental issues. The project we worked on was an awareness campaign in Dait Aoua, a wonderful lake 50 km from the city of Fez.

My mission

-Communication management, Brand development , Graphic design, web design and Video production.

Besides the various management tasks of the project, I was assigned the role of communications manager and I was responsible for all the creative work. In terms of branding and communication, NGOs and other organizations needs are very similar. NGOs need a strong and appropriate branding and communication efforts that help them spread their ideas and ideals, and position themselves vis-a-vis their main audience. The goal of communications team was to create a realistic visual identity and online presence for the NGO, in addition to the project promotion and coverage.

Visual Identity.

Website, social media and swag.

The website design is simple yet nice looking, it was inspired from the nature; soil, flowers and leafs.

social media accounts were created

Dayet Aoua project

The project communication is very important, I used Facebook to promote the project and keep the audience updated about the organization news and the project preparations.

Asignment review

The assignment video summarizes this whole experience of running green touch and managing the project of Dayet Aoua. This is my greatest video production of all times.

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