School assignment, 5th year of ENCGF.
Buisness strategy, digital marketing.

As a part of the Digital marketing class, we had the assignment of creating an online small business, the assignment includes the development of a business model for the company, elaboration of a communication and promotion plan and the design of the website itself.

Our mission

My colleague and I decided to work on an online store selling connected devices and innovative gadgets. This decision was the result of a deep observation of the global trends and promising opportunities in the local market. The Moroccan market of connected objects is very young and very promising indeed, Moroccans, and especially the youth are more and more interested in technological gadgets, yet, this growing need is faced with a weak, undiversified offering. Designing a strong brand and a powerful content marketing strategy will grant us the position of the leaders of the market in no time.

Buisness model

We designed a business model using the business model canvas in order to draw the big picture of our project and make it easier for stakeholders to understand our business strategy.

Visual Identity and website

Although the visual identity and website were not the center of the mission, we tried to do our best to create a good logo and a decent website given the time we have and the importance of this aspect of the project.

The design and development of the website itself was a 7-hour marathon, from an empty directory on the server to a fully operational website with simple products.

Yes, you are seeing it right: Cobjet by the awesome Abdou and Abdou clicking on each name will direct you to the facebook profil of the corresponding member of team.