Why me ?

For my final-year internship I want to step out of my comfort zone and do things differently. Instead of telling eventual recruiters what can do on a resume and/or a cover letter, I tried to show them what I can do in terms of strategy, branding, web design, graphic design, social media management and adverting.

Top 7 reasons to hire me: 

1.  An extroverted introvert, harnessing the best from both worlds;

2. I didn’t choose the digital marketing, the digital marketing chose me;

3. 16 months of cross-functional experience in digital marketing, managing many projects and working with international teams

4. Self-educated and resourceful #googling_master #how_to_ ;

5. Team player : check ☑ , natural leader : check ☑ , having people approving all that : quadruple check ☑☑☑☑;

6. Solid knowledge in marketing and management backed with 4 years studies at ENCG where I’m a final year marketing student;

7. Advanced competencies in graphic design, web development and  video making.


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I’m no super condidate, as everyone else I have weaknesses and I’m very open about them, I have a list for that too. 



A bio, the official version. 

Abdessamad Amrani is a senior marketing and sales management student at ENCGF. with his solid background in marketing, his passion of visual arts and enthusiasm for technology, he is managing projects that help people and organizations to show their uniqueness, achieve their marketing goals and engage with the people they care about in a the crowded digital world. He has worked on many projects and took many responsibilities in digital marketing and management from an early age, starting with many clubs during his 5 years at ENCG,  with Tadafur, a consulting company based in U.E.A. for over a year, and as a freelancer. He is now in search of an opportunity and a challenge at a digital agency for his final-year internship.

Okay, enough talking in the 3rd person.

A bio, from the heart.

I’m a lazy workaholic, occasional athlete and a bike commuter, Evernote is my external memory. 

I love learning stuff,

I love creating stuff, and,

I love thinking about stuff.

Understanding my passions. 

As far as I can remember, My interest in visual arts started when I was in the middle school, mostly by discovery. I took my first artistic photograph, made my first video and designed my first graphic work when I had no idea about art. At the time I didn’t spend too much time practicing these arts as I didn’t realize yet that those are my passions. In the course of the years other interests sank into the surface.

As you can notice, there is a common characteristic of the 3 arts other than being arts: technology. I loved anything dealing with software and electronics, I was spending long hours learning and trying creative software and following new technological trends. This is when my geek side was nurtured.

Last and not least, putting my nose in any initiative presented in front of me. I discovered that when one of my high school teachers was looking for volunteers to prepare and deliver a presentation, I don’t know what exactly happen but something inside me was triggered. I found my hand raised with a strange enthusiasm and insistence. Ever since, I have done my best to initiate or be part of as many projects as I can handle, or not. I’m the kind of people that are afraid or regret of not doing something more than failure or overwhelming.

For the next few years I spent more and more time learning and practicing my passions, till I integrated ENCG, such a welcoming and fertile environment with amazing people where I was not just able work on interesting projects, but also put my passions in them. That was the start of 5 amazing years.

Digital marketing, my sweet spot.  

I’m positioning myself as “digital marketer”, that is far from being a product of fortune, the reasons why I chose digital marketing as a career is rooted deep in my personality and passions as talked about earlier. Normally, students at ENCG chose their specialization in their 3rd year, as for me, I took my decision since my 2nd year, more precisely in my very first class in marketing, in the first 15 minutes. 15 minutes of hearing anecdotes and questions about marketing were enough for me to say this is what I want to do for the rest of my life. That way of thinking, the kind of problem marketing is trying to solve, and action-orientation nature of marketing were the main reasons behind my decision. The digital part naturally came up later when I was doing some research online and I figure out that digital marketing is what I’ve been doing for a long time in various projects, now it has a name. My focus for the few next years was crystal clear, I worked as a part-time digital marketer at tadafur and worked on many projects as a freelancer.

Next chapeter: more focus, more learning. 

Having many responsibilities at a time was an amazing opportunity to learn many things, but that comes with a price, I was not able to develop some important skills during the last years of studies. Besides, with all my knowledge and experience in what I spent time on, digital marketing, I still have a very long way to go, I know that I merely scratched the surface of this transdisciplinary, ever expanding field.

For the next chapter of my life I have the ambitions to live new experiences and work with some amazing people in challenging environments, where I can learn every day a new thing, and at the same time, devote more time to the very important, not urgent skills and personal projects.

Talking about learning, I think it is the best way to make the world a better place. In fact, any effort to make people more knowledgeable will result amazing changes, yet, in the 21st century, an era when access to knowledge material is democritized like never before, people don’t need to teach them how to fish anymore, they need to empower them, guide them and inspire them to self-learn and find themselves a better way of fishing.  



Ecole Nationale de Commerce et de Gestion – Fès (ENCGF).

University of Sidi Mohammed Ben Abdellah (USMBA) Fès, Morocco


Master’s degree in marketing and sales managmement – Honorable

ENCGF, a Great Place To Grow

I spent 5 years at ENCGF, being a place where we learn about marketing, finance and management is just a small portion of the role this school played in our lives. For me, ENCGF was a great place to grow intellectually and professionally, a place where I discovered myself and I took the most important decisions in my life, a place full of opportunities and challenges, a place where I met amazing people and done amazing things.

A large part of my time being at ENCGF was dedicated to Intellectual, volunteering and artistic clubs where:

  • I Was an active member of 5 clubs, co-founder of 2 of them;
  • I Contributed to the success of more than 20 projects and activities;
  • I Was responsible primarily of planing, promotion, communication and management.



Tadafur Consulting Services

Abu Dhabi, UAE.


Part-time Digital marketer.

I was introduced to tadafur in my 4th year at ENCG. I had opportunity to work at tadafur as a part time digital marketer, it was my first real professional experience with real responsibilities and outstanding superiors.  At tadafur I was responsible of various tasks including:

  • Building and maintaining a digital marketing strategy;
  • Community management;
  • Email marketing;
  • Online branding;
  • Contribution to the website redesign;
  • Contribution to copywriting;
  • Other minor IT and graphic design tasks.



Google analytics individual qualification (in progress)

Knowledge and skills of internet analytics and in google analytics.


Hubspot inbound marketing certificate.

Knowledge and skills in inbound marketing strategies elaboration, implementation and execution.


Become a Digital Marketer learning path completion certificate ( in progress)

Knowledge and skills in digital marketing


I have known Abdessamad Amrani as his teacher, his boss and his client. I worked with him in stressful and highly demanding contexts. I am highly admirative of his professional attitude, his outstanding technical skills, creativity and his fine-tuned relational intelligence. His ethics are flawless… I am proud to endorse Abdessamad as a rare « bird » combining aptitude, attitude and virtue.



AMRANI Abdessamad, when hearing this name, I can see the picture I drew about that person in 5 years of studying and working on projects together in my mind. A person that cannot be understood by the majority of people. Why? Because he thinks in a much higher degree than any other person. Abdessamad, giving you positive energy when you feel listless is his hobby, Coaching you in hard times is his habit, Under promising and over delivering is his job.
During projects, he demonstrated creativity, productivity in the shortest amount of time, stress and time management skills, and performance.
Salma Akaboine

Collegue, ENCGF, USMBA.

كان لي شرف العمل مع عبد الصمد العمراني لمدة خمس سنوات بالمدرسة الوطنية للتجارة و التسيير-فاس. عملنا على مشاريع مختلفة منها ما ارتبط بالتسويق و منها ما تعلق بمجالات اخرى من الدراسة كمحاكاة تسيير شركة او تدبير الموارد البشرية الخ. عرفت العمراني طيلة المدة الانفة الذكر باعتباره طالبا شديد الابداع, متمكنا من الوسائل المعلوماتية و متضلعا في فنون التسويق…كان و لا يزال رمزا للاختلاف و التميز في ذات الوقت. وطالبا ملما بتقنيات تدبير الازمات خصوصا ما تعلق منها بالامتحانات اذ يعلم جيدا كيف يدبر مجهوده و وقته و يحافظ على برودة اعصابه. هو ايضا رجل مبادئ و مواقف ايضا و لا يمكن باي حال من الاحوال ان يخون القيم التي يؤمن بها. عبد الصمد العمراني قائد ايضا و رجل تاثير بامتياز, يستطيع بسهولة تحريك فريق العمل نحو تحقيق الاهداف المحددة سلفا. لكل هذه الاسباب, انا متاكدة ان عبد الصمد العمراني هو الشخص المناسب لتولي مهام التسويق و التسويق الالكتروني في أي شركة تثق في الكفاءات و المواهب ايضا.
ليلى بومكراط

زميلة, ENCGF, USMBA.

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